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A new source of style: Balda water

The new design of Balda water product lines stands out for its freshness and elegance. Not a simple restyling, but a complete redesign of the Balda water line to update its image to a contemporary style in line with the high-quality lines.

The logotype and labels have been adapted to the AQ line with the only concession reserved for the stylized mountain, indicating the water’s Alpine origin and a symbol of continuity between the old and new labels. In the Classic glass bottle line, the elegant simplicity of the label is enhanced by the stylized source that takes on three different colors, depending on the type of water: Still, Sparkling and Slightly Sparkling. 

The PET bottles are differentiated according to their destination of use: the family size bottles are colored white or light blue, depending on whether they contain Still or Sparkling water, while the Prestige line bottles are intended for hotels and restaurants and consequently have a more prestigious metallized paper label that represent the water source and is colored to indicate the type of water. The Prestige bottles are now also decorated with the mountain in relief on the entire circumference of the neck.

This complete restyling of Fonte Balda lines represents a decisive step forward towards modernity, without forgetting that it has been on the tables of Italians since 1964.

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