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Maniva natural mineral Seltzer water

Alpine mineral Seltz water by Maniva

MINERAL SELTZ by Maniva is the first mineral seltzer water contained in cannisters that preserve all the organoleptic qualities of Maniva mineral water.

Mineral Seltz is contained in cannisters of the latest generation that preserve the purity and water quality as well as carbonation up to the last drop, thus eliminating the usual problems of other systems.

The perfect cocktail

Maniva Natural Mineral Water flows from the Mount Maniva, which gives it purity and lightness.

The high organoleptic qualities make the difference in the preparation of cocktails, guaranteeing a more natural and balanced taste.

A quality detail that always guarantees an unchanged and sparkling taste for preparing unforgettable spritzes and cocktails.

Cannisters for the Ho.Re.Ca.

Steel cannister

Plastic cannister

Cannisters for the Ho.Re.Ca.

To meet the needs of the Horeca market, Maniva proposes two different types of 20 L cannisters. The first type is made with disposable plastic and is suitable for locals with medium/low consumption of Seltzer water; the second type is made with stackable returnable and non-slip steel and it also integrates the tag for radio frequency identification.

This innovation by Maniva once again demonstrates the company’s attention to the hospitality industry and its capability to seize the needs of Horeca operators.

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