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Green Manifesto

The Maniva Group is aware that the protection of the territory and the sustainability of its actions are indissolubly linked to each other.

For this reason, the company is focused on innovation and develop increasingly sustainable solutions.

In particular, the Maniva Group has implemented concrete actions such as:

To safely transfer waste water from the washing of bottles and crates to waste water treatment plants;

To use zero-emission electric forklifts;

To use crates made of recycled plastic to collect empty glass bottles;

To renew the entire range of PET bottles with an average weight reduction of 25% so that there will be a lower environmental impact while still preserving the same characteristics of the bottle;

To recover all the plastic material derived from the production cycle and, more generally, the rigorous application of the regulations on the separation and disposal of waste materials;

To protect the territory, thanks to a close relationship with local administrations; such as the collaboration with the Municipality of Bagolino for the enhancement of the resources of the Caffaro Valley, thanks to the Maniva 2.0 project. The project also involves the company website, which is a sort of virtual place for getting information about the land, Mount Maniva as well as its community, abundant resources, such as water and nature, tourism and culture.


Coripet’s challenge is to collect and recycle the PET bottles placed in the market by the associated manufacturing companies.

The Maniva Group is a founding member of the Coripet Consortium as the environmental protection is one of the founding values ​​that guide every choice of the Group, which is committed to the implementation and promotion of a circular economy, whereby the more we recycle, the less plastic is produced in a constant search for sustainable production solutions.

Lightweight and impact resistant, naturally transparent and colorless, PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is the plastic material used in the food industry to bottle water, oil, milk, juices and other beverages.

The PET bottle was chosen for food packaging because it provides an excellent barrier, preserves the characteristics of the liquid it contains and it’s hygienic and safe.

Unlike packaging made through the union of several plastics or other materials, the PET bottle represents an ecological choice: made solely of PET plastic, it is easily recyclable, through a mechanical process.

Coripet’s mission consists of directly managing the end of life of PET bottles and water cooler’s tanks placed in the market by its members, making them part of a circular economy model.

The objectives of the Coripet consortium are:

to increase the levels of collection and recycling of PET bottles, approaching the world of production, consumption and recycling in an innovative way;

to create the Italian “bottle to bottle” supply chain by producing rPET suitable for direct food contact;

to provide its members with all the knowledge and tools to properly align with the recent European legislation on the use of plastics.

Maniva chosen as "Good Water" at the COP 27 climate summit in Egypt

Due to its aptitude for innovation and its latest product, the Maniva pH8 Smile-Box, the Maniva Spa Group brings the water from Mount Maniva to COP 27, thanks to Good Water. COP (Conference of the Parties) is the most important global meeting for countries to address the issue of climate change. Maniva was commissioned by the organizers of COP 27 to fill and supply about 1 million “Smile Boxes”, which are available and distributed at the event. This is international recognition for our company, rewarding our commitment and investment in sustainable innovation and giving the Maniva Group credit for combining well-being and sustainability in a single product.

Maniva pH8 Smile-Box

In June 2022, Maniva chose to invest further in sustainability by launching the “Smile-Box”, a new carton that preserves all the properties of its Maniva pH8 Mineral Water, while fully respecting the environment.

In addition to being 100% recyclable, the new carton is designed to safeguard the original purity of the water, whatever conditions it is used in: the packaging is aseptic and protects the water from light, thereby preserving and maintaining its organoleptic properties and natural alkaline benefits.

The “Smile-Box” is a multi-layer carton inspired by the guidelines for total recycling and recovery. It’s produced with primarily plant-based materials – such as paper from forests certified by the international NGO FSC® – and plant-based plastic obtained from sugar cane, which is used for the cap and some of the internal protective layers.

Returnable Glass

Glass is a precious material that can be reused or recycled over and over again.

Returning empty glass bottles is an extremely sustainable recycling system that involves the collection of cases of empty glass bottles at home to optimize and speed up the traditional recycling phases of glass. In addition to reducing waste, glass collection is the driving force of the circular economy: less raw materials are consumed as well as less energy, less water and an incentive to change our ideas of using materials.

By collecting used glass bottles and using crates made with 100% recycled plastic, the Maniva Group is a leading company in performing actions aimed at using materials properly and responsibly.

Screw Me Back On!

Screw the cap back on your Maniva glass bottle, to prevent it from getting lost or being disposed of incorrectly; we’ll take care of recycling it!

Recycled Plastic Crates

In line with the choices the company makes to protect the environment, Maniva only uses crates produced with 100% recycled plastic to transport returnable glass bottles. End of life crates are then crushed to obtain new crates, in full compliance with the principles of circular economy.

Returnable Canisters

Maniva’s MINERAL SELTZ is the first ever seltzer mineral water to be sold in canisters, while guaranteeing the same organoleptic quality as Maniva Natural Mineral Water.

MINERAL SELTZ is supplied in the latest generation of canisters, which guarantee the purity, quality and carbonating of the water, down to the very last drop. There are two types of
canisters: a plastic canister, suitable for establishments with a medium-low consumption of seltzer; and a returnable steel canister, which is non-slip, stackable, and customized, with an integrated RFID tag.

In line with the logic of circular economy, the steel canisters are returnable, making it possible for them to be recycled and reused.

R-PET 100%

The Maniva Group has introduced a revolution in the world of packaging by designing the first sport-sized mineral water in a recyclable bottle made of 100% rPET.

Hydrating during any physical activity is very important! Thanks to the benefits of alkaline mineral water and its practical design, pH8SPORT meets the needs of all athletes.

Besides protecting the organoleptic qualities of Maniva water, the bottle is eco-sustainable and meets the founding pillars of the company: being environmental-friendly.


Choosing green energy allows you to fight the climate crisis and global warming in a simple and effective way.

The benefits associated with the choice of sustainable energy are not limited to environmental protection, but are also of an economic and social nature.

For this reason, it is necessary to make more responsible consumption choices in synergy with the environment. The Maniva Group adopts concrete policies every day: from 2017 to date, the investments for energy efficiency have led to an annual reduction in electricity consumption of 35%, corresponding to an average annual saving of 1,300,000 kwh; if converted into tons of oil they correspond to 243 toe (tonne of oil equivalent).

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