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Great things are done when men and mountains meet.
(William Blake)

The story of the Maniva Group is the story of the Foglio family and their dream to bring the richness of the water from their own mountains to the tables of Italians.

Their dream came true in 1998 when the company, originally named Dosso Alto SPA, was founded in Bagolino.

Quality and taste are the characteristics of the Group’s natural mineral waters, which, while maintaining the intrinsic properties of their places of origin, make them unique in the competitive market offer.

The Group’s waters are all with a low mineral content and of mountain origin; they gush out in protected and environmentally untouched places such as the Brescia side of the Adamello Park and the natural oasis of the Foreste Casentinesi [Casentinesi Forests].


A wide offer for all tastes.

Water is essential for our life and the planet!

Each water product is different, as well as unique and special.

The Maniva S.p.a Group offers a range of products that include such labels as Maniva, Balda, Classica, Verna, Vaia mineral waters, with the Maniva carbonated soft drinks and with the distribution of Tomarchio soft drinks. The products are different, even in packaging, and are a well-established presence in the bottled water and beverage industry.

Maniva Spa is one of the most important companies among those with completely Italian capital, and it operates in the Italian market of mineral water and soft drinks.

In recent years, the company has established commercial relationships with the main Italian distribution channels and its products are both present in large-scale distribution and Horeca as well as in the Vending industry and Door to door sales.



“…è poi degno di stima in Bagolino il comodo delle acque, di cui viene abbondantemente provveduta la Terra per via di canali, e se riguardasi la loro ottima qualità, quasi oserei affermare, che la natura abbia voluto distinguerla per compenso di quanto le ha mancato nella produzione del vino. Scaturisce in gran copia da vari fonti nelle parti superiori alla Terra, d’onde si distribuisce e trasmette, a comodo d’ambe le ville, e quello che più stimabile si è, che oltre l’essere freschissima nella state ed anno salubre, non scemano, nonostante le più ostinate siccità.” (Carlo Bucci-Storia di Bagolino, 1741)

The milestones of the Group:


The Foglio family sets up Dosso Alto Spa in Bagolino (in the province of Brescia, on the slopes of Monte Maniva). Production begins in January 1998, when the Maniva low-mineral water, always known for its organoleptic properties, is bottled for the first time.


Dosso Alto Spa increases and specializes the distribution system, thanks also to the acquisition of the Balda brand, a historic label in the market of glass bottled mineral water. The Group can thus expand its range of products to satisfy the various Italian commercial channels and entrusts its presence in the foreign market to Vaia, a bottled water brand.


The Maniva and Verna waters obtain the prestigious recognition of waters suitable for feeding babies from the Italian Ministry of Health.

Dosso Alto Spa further expands its staff.


That year marks an important turning point in the communication of the brand: Dosso Alto Spa gives way to MANIVA Spa. The choice to name the different companies that form the group after the Maniva Mount is part of a constantly evolving strategy that has turned the local business into a national business.


Michele Foglio, the soul of the company, has worked with dedication and strategy, thus leading Maniva S.p.a to employ 60 people in his two production plants in Bagolino (province of Brescia) and Chiusi della Verna (inland of Arezzo). The factory is modern and functional and currently produces 170 million bottles per year and has a turnover of 17.5 million Euros.

Michele Foglio’s expertise and vision have led to the creation of a solid and rapidly growing company, despite the crowded competitive landscape and his brands being now renowned and popular with the Italian consumers who recognize their quality.

The philosophy of the group


The values of the Maniva Group are deeply rooted in the natural ecosystem of the land where it is based.
The Group’s philosophy is based on 3 major pillars: the protection of the environment, the development of the local community and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

The Group is concretely committed to increase the sustainability in the production and distribution chain and to protect the environment.

The heart and soul of Maniva Group is community, which is why the company promotes targeted actions in support of associations and local entities with partnerships and sponsorships.

Bringing the water from the best sources of natural mineral water to the tables of Italians is the Group’s vocation and it involves the responsibility of promoting proper nutrition.


One of the founding pillars of the Maniva Group consists of the promotion of personal well-being through the care of one’s body and proper nutrition.
An unhealthy lifestyle and an improper diet increase the risk of extracellular acidity which causes the inflammation of the cells, which is why it is important to follow a balanced alkaline diet in which mineral water plays a fundamental role, especially if it is alkaline water. The Maniva Group brings the benefits of mineral water to everyday life and becomes the Ambassador of a healthy lifestyle.

Maniva headquarters

Bagolino, the main plant of the MANIVA Group in the Caffaro Valley, on the edge of the Adamello Natural Park, is nestled in the splendid scenery of the Brescia side of the Rhaetian Alps. The spring at the foot of Mount Maniva ensures the extraordinary lightness and absolute purity of this water, whose organoleptic properties have been renowned since ancient times.
The company is designed in accordance with the rules of sustainable development. Maniva, Balda and Vaia waters are bottled there either in glass or PET bottles, as well as Maniva soft drinks, in glass bottles, and Mineral Seltzer, the latest addition to the range of products.

Verna headquarters

The Verna premises joined the MANIVA Group in 2003; they are located in the province of Arezzo, within the protected natural oasis of the Casentinesi Forests.
The VERNA mineral water, which is bottled in glass bottles in this plant, boasts an ancient history; in fact, already in 1666 it was mentioned by Count Ubertini who appreciated its therapeutic qualities.

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