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Glass bottles for fine dining restaurants

The Group has made significant investments and efforts aimed at the hospitality channel, recognizing its indisputable value as a partner in the connection between the company and the consumers, reserving the best service and high-quality products.
The Maniva Group has given its own solutions to the needs of the Horeca industry and has organized the company to offer an exclusive line of products in the glass bottle range. Indeed, the new packaging designed for Classica Mineral Water and the Chef Maniva, AQ Verna and AQ Balda lines are captivating and want to leave a mark on the tables of the best Italian restaurants with their contemporary and distinctive design.

The packaging chosen by the Maniva Group for its lines are designed and studied to convey the properties and sensations of the most precious resource of the Earth, which is water.

In particular, the glass bottles intended for the Horeca channel are elegant and ergonomic and are designed to embellish the mise en place of the Italian restaurant tables.

In the Maniva Chef, Balda AQ, Verna AQ and Acqua Classica lines, design is the protagonist of sophisticated research and brings a touch of refined modernity, to give “a new shape” to water.
Beauty alone is not enough: the functional design prevents water from deteriorating and makes the bottles always look new on restaurant tables, even after they are used in several production cycles.

Mineral Seltz

Mineral Seltz represents a further step taken by Maniva to offer the first Seltz Water in cannisters to preserve all the organoleptic qualities of Maniva Natural Mineral Water as well as a more natural and balanced flavor.
A quality detail that always guarantees an unchanged and sparkling taste for preparing unforgettable spritzes and cocktails.

Tomarchio soft drinks

With the distribution of Tomarchio soft drinks, Maniva Group wants to enrich their range of products and provide their customers with an increasingly complete and high-quality service. The range of glass bottles of organic soft drinks confirms once again the vocation of Maniva Group that aims at trading the best Italian products that are also sustainable.


Since June 2022, Maniva alkaline water has added two 100 cl and 50 cl boxes to traditional glass and PET containers to provide consumers with the widest choice in the market.

The beneficial alkaline water from Mount Maniva water is now contained in the special Tetra Pak® box, which guarantees the original purity of water (i.e. protection from light, aseptic packaging) and is also environmental-friendly as the box is mainly made of vegetable cardboard to minimize the environmental impact.

The new boxes will be available in a 1-liter format with ergonomics designed for pouring, making them more suitable for family consumption, and a ½-liter format with the inclined cap suitable for drinking, making it ideal for consumption on the go and for public businesses, Vending, Hotels, schools and communities, and for all the places where an unjustified barrier to the use of plastic is being created.

Alkaline wellness

Maniva mineral water is the perfect ally for anyone who wants to achieve wellness through a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
The wide range of lines satisfies any needs, at home, at the office or in free time.
The alkalinity of Maniva water is a valuable aid for proper nutrition and it is available in the largest formats on the shelves of the major retailers.

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