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TUTTO FOOD 2021 Edition

The Maniva Group’s Green stand was a hit at the 2021 Tuttofood, the reference trade show for food & beverage.

Not just a stand, but an exceptional showcase to communicate the values of Maniva group intended to present the uniqueness of its products and lines capable of satisfying the requests and needs of different targets.

Mineral Seltz is the last new product by Maniva Group.

This innovation once again demonstrates the company’s attention to the hospitality industry and its capability to seize the needs of Horeca operators.

Maniva proposes two different types of 20 L cannisters made with disposable plastic or returnable steel; these state-of-the-art cannisters guarantee the carbonation of water down to the last drop and a peerless taste.

Maniva pH8 mineral water has also a new image focused on the alkaline pH that is necessary to our cells so, in the new labels, the pink stamp joins that of the cells to indicate symbolically the healthy connection between Maniva mineral water and our body.

The elegant cases of the stand display the wide range of 75 cl glass bottles such as Maniva Chef, Balda AQ and Verna AQ designed for fine dining restaurants.

The corner dedicated to Maniva pH8 Sport is characterized by a mountain bike that highlights the characteristics of this water meant for athletes.

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