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The agreement between MANIVA and TOMARCHIO BIBITE for the distribution in Italy

With the collaboration agreement between the Maniva Group and the historic Sicilian company Sibat Tomarchio, based in Acireale, Maniva takes over the distribution of soft drinks in 275 ml glass bottles.

Starting in May, Maniva will distribute the Organic and Delicious and Authentic Tomarchio drink lines all over Italy (excluding Sicily). The preferred distribution channel will be Horeca as well as bars and cafés and high-end retailers.

Maniva was born at the end of the last century in Bagolino (Brescia) on the slopes of Monte Maniva in the heart of the Rhaetian Alps. It’s a young and dynamic company that operates mainly in the mineral water market with the Maniva, Balda, Verna, Classica and Vaia brands with which it oversees the various market segments. The marked aptitude for innovation that distinguishes the company has allowed it to occupy a prominent position with alkaline water Maniva pH8 in the consumer market as well as in the Horeca with the new Mineral Seltz water in cannisters.

Bibite Tomarchio was set up 100 years ago in Acireale in the province of Catania, where Filippo Tomarchio began the production of his first artisanal bottle, the renowned “Gassosa with the ball”.

Since then, the passion for the quality of ingredients and soft drinks has been handed down from generation to generation up to the present day. Tomarchio has a leadership position in the Sicilian market and has been expanding its presence in Italy and abroad for a few years.

The Organic Blood Orangeade, Orangeade, and Lemonade drinks are produced with only Sicilian PGI and PDO citrus fruits from organic farming as well as organic cane sugar, natural flavors and essential oils and are without preservatives. The traceability of Sicilian citrus juices is guaranteed by the collaboration with the Citrus Production District of Sicily and the main consortia for the protection of the Sicilian citrus production chain. Chinotto and Cola with Syracuse Lemon juice complete the Organic range distributed by Maniva.

The drinks of the Delicious and Authentic line are produced by updating the recipes of the past to contemporary tastes, respecting the tradition of quality and genuineness that makes them unique and inimitable.

Besides the traditional Spuma soda, Chinotto soda, Green Tangerine, Lemonade and Citron soda, there are TONIC soda and Ginger Beer. The vintage style of the labels expresses the taste and the quality of soft drinks by Tomarchio that offers a complete range of unique products.

The agreement is the result of Sibat Tomarchio’s desire to extend the presence of its soft drinks throughout Italy and Maniva’s desire to expand their range of products to provide their customers with an increasingly complete and high-quality service. This agreement recognizes the prominent position achieved within the Horeca channel by Maniva and the continuous focus of both companies for the away-from-home consumer market.

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