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Buon Gusto Italiano

Buon Gusto Italiano is a business network founded in 2016 and made up of 26 companies of Italian agri-food excellence, all united by the same values: quality, the goodness of the products, craftsmanship of the manufacturing processes and the desire to be together.

The Maniva Group has joined the network, sharing their values that include the quality of the products, the craftsmanship of the manufacturing processes, the desire to bring quality everywhere as well as the love for its land and for things well done!

Maniva is present with its line of still and sparkling water and the PH8SPORT line: a wide range designed to accompany the consumer at every moment of the day, at home, at office and during his/her free time.

Joining the Italian Buon Gusto network confirms the Maniva Group’s attention to businesses that promote the territory and pursue the excellence of Made in Italy products as well as the desire to create a virtuous and synergistic network of companies that value people and traditions.

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